Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute

Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute

AppsTerv – Web-based applications for mental health

1 January, 2014

Duration: 2014-2015
Funded by: Norwegian Financial Mechanism, Public Health Programme 2009-2014
Programme Operator: Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
Project manager: Joosep Vaikma (since Aug 2015), Lauraliisa Mark (2014-July 2015)

The main objective of the project is to increase the awareness about mental health and to improve the quality of web-based information channels and the level and range of counselling services. For meeting the objective:

  • a new web portal in Estonian and Russian language will be created, which will be mainly targeted at young people (14-26 years old), parents and professionals. The web portal will congregate a target group specific information on mental health and there will be shortcuts to trustable web-based counselling centres;
  • web-based counselling centres „Sa ei ole üksi“ (in Estonian and Russian languages) and „“ (in Estonian language) will be further developed;
  • an alcohol thematic informative webpage (in Estonian and Russian languages) for young people will be developed;
  • guidelines and quality standards for web counsellors to improve and adjust their professional level, in addition to regular training and supervisions, will be developed;
  • smartphone apllications with self-help functionality to improve one´s mental health will be developed.

Web-based applications will increase the availability of mental health services due to their cost -effective nature and independence of the service user’s geographical location, transport connections and life arrangement. Along with the main activities of the project, an extensive dissemination activities (press releases, articles, television, radio, metier lists etc) and outcome evaluation (usage statistics of the web portal, focus group interviews, the number of counselled persons, number of media editions etc.) will take place.

The expected outcome of the project is increased awareness about mental health and better availability and higher frequency of use of high-quality web-based self-help and web-based counselling services.

Project coordinator: Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute (ERSI)
Project partners: Avitus NGO, Arkimedes Ltd. (Norway),  National Institute for Health Development, ERSI Clinic (Nõmme Health Clinic),

Project website:

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