Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute

Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute


ERSI’s statutory objective is research and development in the field of mental health, suicidology and external causes of poisoning and harm:

  • conducting fundamental, applied and evaluation research
  • conducting studies, formation and administration of necessary databases, collection and analysis of data, making data available for research, publishing the results of research
  • contribution to the preparation of new generation of scientists according to agreements with universities and other academic organisations
  • participation in national and international research and development through applying for national, European and other international programs, contracts and grants for research and development
  • offering expertise assistance
  • arrangement of trainings and scientific seminars and conferences
  • formation and supplementation of info bank
  • explaining promotion and prevention activities in mass media
  • dissemination of the information about promotion and prevention to the leaders of the Republic of Estonia
  • offering medical and psychological help to the persons in stress or in crisis situation
  • collaboration with all similar organisations and institutions, both in Estonia and abroad
  • application and receipt of donations and grants in order to achieve statutory objectives
  • awarding grants to the persons involved in achieving statutory objectives
  • publishing
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